Derivation || Destination

More & more I find myself attracted to moments in language that seem full of overreaching, slippage, over-ambitious multiple meanings. When words (a word) starts to carry so many meanings, it begins to undo itself.

Derivation, for example. The lovely & free google dictionary will tell us the word has, in general, two meanings. One, to do with getting at/extracting source material. The other has to do with kenning--the process of making or generating new words from bits of existing ones. At the bottom of the otherwise brief entry, we find: Synonyms: origin, source, extraction.

Traces, at the root, of fission. Contradiction as an anatomical element.

A day of leave-taking today. Saying my goodbyes to Finland, friends. Heading into the aftermath of Sandy, new spaces, faces, work. But there are new spaces traveling & abiding with me. In absence, i think such presences might be felt more clearly.

How, in the months to come, what has been given, made, exchanged, laid to rest, burned away or faded because of my time in Finland, the people I get to continue to hold onto/into my life will continue to unfold & surprise. Origin, source, extraction.