Experiment: Ciphertext(s)

Cixous: Extreme Fidelity

In         libininal economies        funtions, we        themselves
        are traits       
                    the outset        in this       
worked on       
                most amusing            visible:
at        have worked        be called   
                                        texts—and            all their       
the story        world, of        always on        the story       
of libidinal        moment
                        or        artistic being        turning back       
life. The        apple:
does        with the
                        of our        convenience.



From Hélène Cixous' "Extreme Fidelity," trans. Ann Liddle, Susan Sellers; generated using a 1:12 'plaintext' method--constructed from the first and twelfth words (inclusive of punctuation) of the first paragraph. Looped until 12th word with period reached.